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Crystal Awards, Glass Awards, Custom Trophy
Here Amazing Crystal Awards and Trophies from Crystal Awards Corporation In China, which is One Of the Best Crystal Awards Manufacturer in China.


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  • What's the package of your crystal awards?

We use individual satin lined presentation box (gift box) to wrap the awards.

  • How shall we place an order?

You can send item number, dimension and required QTY to us by email, and we will forward the pricing to you ASAP .

For custom awards order, you can send specification, pictures or drawing, dimension, custom art and required QTY to us by email, and we will forward the pricing to you ASAP.

  • Would you ship the awards by UPS or FedEx?

For courier express shipping, we use DHL, UPS or FedEx to ship the awards.

  • Can you make custom project?

Sure, we make many custom projects every season. And custom design project is one of our best products.

  • Do you have price break based on different QTY?

Yes, larger quantities, better prices.

  • Can we order personalized gifts from your company?

Sure, we produce many personalized crystal gifts every month.

  • Do you produce glass paperweights?

We produce both crystal paperweight and glass paperweight, either for custom engraved or blank.

  • Do you sell blank crystal awards or blank crystal trophies?

Yes, we sell either blank crystal awards or engraved crystal awards. Depends on customer's requirement.