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Product Name: Optical Crystal Plaque
Item Number:CAC-PROMO-PLAQUE-001
Material: Optical Crystal / Black Crystal


crystal plaque with black crystal base



Crystal, Crystal Craft, Crystal gifts, crystal clear, elegant, never bad, and lasting symbol of eternity, she can bring luck and success, has long been much loved people. Make a mark with a distinctive image, suitable for promotional services, business contacts, interior decoration, celebration meeting to mark the occasion and other types of occasions for various municipal authorities and the business units and business unit name engraved gift of crystal is LOGO good on your choice. LOGOCRYSTAL to high quality, high price feedback to customers. LOGOCRYSTAL professional of your choice, choose rest assured!!! We have been working hard!!!

Factory direct - making use of new technology, you can work refining the design drawings and customized for enterprises and government agencies such as custom LOGO and message

Material: Optical Crystal / Black Crystal

Application: Business seeking gifts, celebration meeting, awards pictures, public relations planning, move, foundation, anniversary, Anniversary, office furnishing, craft collection, etc. is the best choice!!!!




crystal glass plaque
optical crystal plaque
optic glass plaque
3d crystal plaque laser engraved inside
octagon crystal plaque
Diamond beveled edged crystal plaque, with a black crystal base. Custom engraving on crystal base. Heart-shaped crystal award plaque, with custom engraving on the award, fixed with a clear crystal base. Diamond beveled edged crystal plaque, with a clear crystal base. Custom engraving both on crystal plaque and base. 3D Laser Crystal Plaque, with custom engraving inside the top plaque and personalized printing on base. Octagon crystal plaque with bespoke printing on and fixed with a black crystal base.


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